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It can be very dangerous and disastrous when one hires a wrong or unqualified electrician, that is why it may not be very easy as one may think, the process of finding and hiring that well qualified and experienced electrician. Among the very first things one should want to know from the prospective electrical contractor is whether he is licensed, and whether he has insurance compensation for his workers plus an adequate general liability.

It is also good to know how well experienced the electrician is on the services you need to be performed; you also need to know how honest and reputable is the contractor. Since in many countries around the world exist regulatory bodies to regulate given services it is good to visit this boards example is like electrical regulation board to ascertain whether the prospective electrical contractor is duly registered and licensed to carry out this work, this will not only give you accurate information but will also add confidence to you regarding a particular contractor.

It should be deemed wise not to ask for bids for every small electrical work in a building, since this may discourage some big electrical firms applying for proposal even some other time when you may need their assistance.

A right contractor, however, will try to provide you with some extra competitive advantage with the aim of retaining you as his customer mostly if it’s your first time with him. Personal ID is vital to every contractor, this may include his appearance, too many customers while one is decently dressed means he is organized and he has confidence in whatever he is doing, this being the case many electrical contractors make company identifications, including badges and shirts with company logo.

Another important aspect for a reputable contractor is that he will have his company cards with their license number, their name and telephone numbers, and maybe where they are located, this shows that the contractor is proud of his work. Communication is very vital, for one to know how well his prospective contractor is he will have to consider how does the said contractor respond to his calls, and if he provides a rough estimate of what he is going to do and how he will do it. It’s not all about money to most good electrical contractors out there, some may even walk away if their clients demands using unsafe ways to do their work even after being given better suggestion on how to modify their plans by the electricians.

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